Social Media Movie Magic from Praxima Video Productions

Everyone now a days has to have an online presence. No one is picking up the yellow pages and having a flick through anymore. We all Google companies/services click on links and decide in nano-seconds whether that company or service is the one for us. Those companies that succeed in that split second decision engage their audience via entertaining and imaginative content. And with modern day attention spans lasting that of a goldfish a hard hitting, engaging web video can be just what the doctor ordered to grab your audiences attention.

A homepage online video is one thing but that isn’t enough. You gotta be rocking the social media scene as well. Facebook & Twitter are wired for web video content and with the popularity of video based social networking sites such as Instagram and Vine growing in their millions daily, you have to have shareable, impactful, thrilling social media & web video content produced regularly to stay in the rat race.

We at Praxima can help you with all of this. Come to us with a social media film idea or ask us to concept & produce a web video for your company or brand, we’ll gladly create some creative treatments, script, storyboard & produce a stunning piece of video production content to host on your site.

Have a social media campaign idea that spans months of regularly released content? We’ll produce a package shoot & edit deal giving you fantastic video content & epic value for money, keeping your social media audience & wallet extremely happy.

Social Media & Web video Production Case Study

Our gorgeous client ‘Red Consultancy’ came to us with a concept for their client ‘Activision’. Activision with their partners ‘Bungie’ had created the worlds most anticipated & most expensive – £300 Million – video game ever produced called ‘Destiny’ and the concept was to follow the video blogger ‘Moreconsole’ on his behind the scenes look at the recreation of a key scene in the game in which ‘The Traveler’ arrives at Earth.

So in essence we were creating a Behind the Scenes of a Behind the Scenes. And this article is a Behind the Scenes of the Behind the scenes of the behind the scenes….God this is more confusing than ‘Inception’

The actual event consisted of a weather balloon being launched into the stratosphere with a model of the ‘Traveler’ strapped underneath and a gopro recording and taking stills of the action taking place. Our mission was to create a gripping and compiling video production that showed all the behind the scenes action and captivated a loyal audience who would crucify us if the content didn’t live up to the hype of the game!

So to ensure Moreconsole’s dedicated audience we’re kept happy we brought out all the toys. Not only did we shoot emotive overcranking via our fabulous 6K raw image capturing RED EPIC DRAGON but strapped it to our brand new camera stabilisation technology – The DJI Ronin – a 3 axis brushless camera gimbal that creates beautiful smooth & fluid handheld shots. But we didn’t stop there, we wanted to see the weather balloon float through the air. So out hopped our DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter with HD-3D camera gimbal and wireless transmitter to capture all the aerial action.

The resulting video was an absolute blinder.

In 3 days the video scored over a 100,000 views due to its social media share-ability and viewer enjoyment factor. Likes and remarkable comments are still being clicked and left today and Red Consultancy couldn’t of been happier with the result.

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