Video Services excellence from London based Praxima

Praxima is a London based video production company that has a wide catalogue of services to offer its tremendous clients. We do the whole blooming lot! You want a creative treatment followed by a storyboard? Boom it’s done! How about some script-writing for an upcoming Commercial? Piece of P**s! What if you want us to create a Creative Treatment, Storyboard the idea, write the script, film, edit, create Motion Graphics and host on the web as well as create an authored DVD?? It’s what we live for!

We do it all at Praxima and as standard we shoot on the RED EPIC CINEMA CAMERA. We create each video production bespoke to our clients needs and branding. We don’t just re-hash previous ideas and stick a new logo at the beginning. Each Web video, social media video campaign, viral video etc is all tailored made for each client’s requirements and developed to represent them in a manner that suits.

 Video Services 


Commercials – They’re bloody everywhere! TV, Web, Cinema, on Demand – So why isn’t your company being represented on them? With Praxima’s extensive experience in advertising campaigns from Viral Marketing to IMAX Cinema ads, we can create stunning video content to be hosted on the most prestigious mediums.

Online Campaigns – Web Videos, Social Media etc

Your website and homepage is the shop window to your brands whole online presence and video is a great engager. We produce online campaign videos that sit proudly to host front and centre on your homepage and share throughout all your social media avenues.

Motion Graphics

Gorgeous video production shot on the insane 6k RED EPIC DRAGON is one thing, but what if you want a plane to morph in to a Formula 1 car or some crazy 3D text whizzing around an abstract background. Well whatever your freaky mind can dream up our excellent Motion Graphic department can make it a reality.

Corporate Video

The words make some Creatives shudder – well they’re idiots – Corporate video productions don’t have to looks as though they’ve come straight out of the 90’s! A lot of fun and creativity goes into every corporate video we create and that what makes them so extremely watchable and engaging.

Promotional Films

We love a spinning product here at Praxima, so if you want a video showcasing your new product or service why not come down to our London based Studio and we’ll shoot it in stunning Ultra HD and really make your product shine!

Explainer Film

What the hell is an explainer Film? Well let me explain what an explainer film is. An explainer film explains what your product, company, service does and how they go about doing it. Pretty bloody obvious really!


You may have seen some sexy Timelapse in the latest TV phenomenons that are ‘Breaking Bad’ & ‘House of Cards’ and thought “Damn I want a piece of that action!” Well the video production magicians that are Praxima can install a Timelapse device for your latest build, engineering works, event etc and can leave it their for couple of hours to several months. We can even sex it up further with our Timelapse Motion Control Rig.


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