Nobody can argue with the strength of the message. Nicely done

Richard Osley, Camden New Journal

Advertising Awesomeness from Praxima Video Productions

Commercials are an exciting and creative medium that we at Praxima thoroughly enjoy creating. Our enjoyment sparks from the challenge that is creating an exciting, enticing and evoking film with a max runtime of only 20 – 60 seconds. With such little time to encapsulate your audience you have to deliver your message hard and fast (whey!) with a creative flair that keeps their attention.

We communicate your key messages to your target audience in a manner that will always represent you in a fantastic light. With a dedicated team of Visionaries we can craft a concept, script and produce a video production that can sit with the best of them on a 50ft IMAX Cinema screen!

Commercial Production Case Study

Londons’ Camden is one of the most youthful and exciting boroughs in the whole of London. With that in mind Camdon Council wanted to reach out to their teenage residents and educate them on modern day abuse in relationships in an manner that suited their exhilarating borough.

A cinema advertisement campaign was the resulting delivery system. Praxima was given the simple brief of producing a 2 minute hard-hitting informative advertisement for the web and a 30 second edit for all the cinemas in the London Borough including an IMAX. With only two weeks till the deadline date we set to work producing a concept, writing a script and getting together all the crew and actors, before filming, offline and online editing, colour grading and producing the sound design.

The concept was a frozen in time effect with the actors freezing in emotive positions to tell the story of their abuse. The commercial was to inform the target audience on non-physical forms of relationship abuse, so a voiceover and onscreen graphics were used to relay the controlling verbal and technological styles of control and isolation.

To create the frozen in time look, we shot on the gorgeous RED EPIC Cinema Camera at 5K resolution at 100fps. The high frame rate combined with a steady cam gave a lovely floating effect to the camera movements when circulating the protagonists and the RAW Colour grading capabilities allowed for our colour grader to dial in some lovely mood into the film.

The resulting film was a blinding success with a 33% increase in calls over the previous year in just 8 weeks. The Press, Cinema goers and bloggers all came back with fantastic reviews and the YouTube viewer count continues to grow in its thousands.

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