Oh the about page! The birthplace of corporate spiel, full of uninteresting content that, although soulless, contains those all important Google keywords. Are we at Praxima above this? Of course not – it’s probably the only reason you’ve stumbled across us – but we’ll at least keep it interesting and give you the info you’re actually after, like, are you actually any good & what’s the meaning 0f life? We may not have the info on the latter but you’ll have to read the page to know for sure.

Are you any good?

We at Praxima suckle at the teat of video production and it always goes down smooth. We have half a century of experience between us and with every corporate film, cinema advertisement & social media video we get better & better like a fine wine.

Our team is not only dedicated to produce you and your brand a piece of video production gold, we thrive at the challenge of crafting a film that’s truly unique & bespoke to your needs, be that an instructional video on rail safety or a beautiful pack shot for a television commercial.

Are you down with the kids?

Ooo yes! We’re a young and vibrant team and we’re keen to keep it that way despite the years ticking by. It’s important for us to keep up-to-date with the latest creative trends & technologies and even create a few of our own.

The video production industry constantly evolves and we with it. This is particularly evident in our investment of the latest cinema camera – the RED EPIC DRAGON – a 9 x HD cine camera that produces astonishing 6K RAW images with unbelievable dynamic range at incredible high-speed frame rates. It’s a beast but with our impeccable skills we’ve tamed it and can mould it to produce stunning imagery for your next video production.

Where the hell are you?

Where you’ll find all the greatest film production companies – London – well, we’re actually a little outside London but can you blame us? London rates are CRAY CRAY!

Being based a little outside London means we’re easily accessible to all you London bigwigs but we come without the London rates but all the professionalism. So give us a holla, come down for chinwag and let’s make some sexy productions together.

Who would hire you?

Sometimes even we can’t believe the grade of the clients we attract. But I guess that’s true testament to the quality of our work. We’ve crafted IMAX cinema trailers for Camden Council, training films & social media videos for Vertu Mobile phones, web films for Wella Professional, Tutorial videos for Autodesk and timelapse and aerial filming for Colas rail to name just a few. Check our client page for a small sliver of some of them as well as what they’ve got to say about us.

What services do you provide?

We do it all darling! Come to us with a vague idea of what you’re after and we’ll produce a creative treatment, sculpt a storyboard & script and shoot & edit the finest video content you’ve ever laid your eyes on. We’ll take your brief and hit the ground running fulfilling every aspect of the video production process. You just have to sit back and listen to the accolades from your peers & colleagues on what a fantastic job you’ve done come rolling in. We here to make you look good!

Services provided are:

  • Creative Treatments

  • Scripting & Storyboarding

  • 6K, 4K, UHD & HD shooting & Filming

  • Live Streaming

  • Video Editing

  • Motion Graphics & Animation

  • 3D Animation

  • Colour Grading & finishing

  • Timelapse Photography

  • Aerial filming

And everything in-between.

Give us a call regarding any form of video production requirement – no job to small, no ambition to big – and we’ll be sure to help.

Is this going to cost me the earth?

Hells no! For the quality & excellence we provide at the price point we charge, we absolutely cannot and will not be beaten on price. Plus we don’t agree on charging for every minuscule editing change & web encode sent, we believe in fixed pricing so you know the quote you receive is the price you’ll pay on delivery. Meaning no surprises for you, and a happy client for us. Everybody wins!

We’re also extremely flexible. If you tell us ‘Guys, I’ve only have this amount but I need 2 days filming and 2 days editing’, we’ll move heaven & earth to make that happen in your price range. We’re not interested in ‘wham, bam thank you mam’ clients, we want to wine & dine you, get that relationship status public on Facebook, get down on one knee and propose an eternal marriage of equal profitability!

Well Praxima sounds like a hoot! How can I get hold of you?

We’re everywhere Toots! You can Facebook, Tweet & Email us or better yet call us on 01342 300333 and visit us at our ‘London’ HQ. So don’t be a stranger, get in touch and let’s do this thing!

Let's have a chin-wag